Reiki is a Japanese healing practice in which universal life force energy is channeled to the client through a trained practitioner. It's extremely relaxing and puts your entire body and mind at ease. Because Reiki contains the wisdom of Love, the energy directs itself to the areas in your body that are out of alignment and has been known to help heal a myriad of physical maladies. Some of the most common things that clients feel relief from are acute anxiety, tension, insomnia, depression, and fatigue. Reiki is gentle and loving and generally leaves you feeling damn good!

Meah practices hands-on Reiki (but touch-free treatment can be given upon request) and you may feel a warm, radiant, almost tangible glow all around and through you while receiving it. Or you might just feel a deep pervading peace. Meah often receives intuitive messages from spirit guides while giving Reiki, and if such messages arise, she'll share what she senese with you. 90-minute sessions include an oracle card reading at the end of the treatment.

In-person Reiki sessions with Meah happen at her magical space right by the ocean in Magnolia, Massachusetts. Stepping into her studio is like a deep exhale and a treat for the five senses. MajaEden Wellness is following all state requirements for COVID-19 precautions. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns about these practices!

Reiki can be given at a distance because it is a non-physical energy that doesn't use the typical laws of physics. You will still feel the loving, relaxing flow of Reiki in the comfort of your own home. If you're able to find a dim, quiet spot to lay down during the treatment, that is ideal (but not necessary in order to receive the benefits). Meah will call you after the session to discuss your experience.

The benefits of Reiki build with repeated treatments, so becoming a frequent client is a good thing! Sessions can be purchased in packages of 4, to be used weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Sliding scale pricing is available for package purchase; please discuss with Meah if that fits your financial situation.

Reiki for Creativity

What do you wish to create? If you're feeling blocked artistically, receiving Reiki can really help get the energies flowing. It's best to capitalize on this heightened creative state right after a session, so with a Reiki for Creativity booking, you'll receive 60 minutes of Reiki followed by 60 minutes of alone time in Meah's healing space to create freely. You'll be given a choice of tools for your art, as follows: paints and a canvas (Reiki Painting), gorgeous paper and writing utensils (Reiki Writing), and the entire studio to yourself plus the sound system to dance and move however you want (Reiki with Soul Movement). Sound like the most incredible answer to your creative resistance? It is!!

All Reiki for Creativity sessions are in-person at Meah's studio and all supplies are included in the price.

Reiki Certifications

Meah offers certification for Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3, on a rotating basis, as well as Reiki Teacher Training. Subscribe to the email list to find out about upcoming offerings.

Forest Bathing

If you love Reiki but have never received it in the magical stillness of the woods, then you need to try Forest Bathing! It is next-level high-vibe healing. During a Forest Bathing session (or Shinrin-yoku as it's referred to in its native Japanese culture), you'll be lying on a yoga mat in a peaceful wooded location, soaking in all the sounds of nature and the vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl while receiving Reiki and crystal healing from Meah. You will leave feeling a sense of deep connection with the natural world and the universal energy of Love that is in everything. Offered June 1st - October 1st, weather dependent. Meah will text you the meeting location prior to your session.