Meditation is the practice of tuning into one's thoughts and becoming the observer of your inner world. It's a simple concept, and yet it can often be challenging, discouraging, and dull when you're just starting out and doing it alone. You might wonder which technique to choose (as there are many). You might wonder if you're doing it right. You might not know where to begin but have heard about the benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Meah understands all these challenges and offers her years of experience meditating to those who are either establishing a new practice or reviving a faltering one. There are many techniques and types of practices, but Meah specializes in guided meditations that focus on visualizing healing and relaxation and connecting with loving Divine energies, which makes working with her an excellent choice if you have tried simple breath meditations but want to have a more vibrant spiritual experience when you meditate. In-person meditations are offered in-person or at a distance from the comfort of your own home.

The best way to establish a new habit is through repetition, so booking multiple sessions is encouraged! Sessions can be purchased in packages of 4, to be used weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Sliding scale pricing is available for package purchase; please discuss with Meah if that fits your financial situation.

Group Guided Meditation

Gather a group of your friends and experience the transcendent benefits of meditation together! Group guided meditations are only offered in-person and you'll want it that way, because Meah creates a gorgeous ambience in her studio when hosting a group. Think candles, incense, a crystal grid, luxurious pillows and blankets. It's the best way to spend an evening with friends!

Ocean Meditation

Water is an incredible amplifier of energy, so take your meditation practice and all that you want to envision and manifest to the next level with a session by the ocean! MajaEden Wellness is located just steps from the beach and for this offering, you'll be sitting in the sand soaking in the calming sounds of the waves while Meah leads a guided meditation. Offered June 1st - October 1st, weather dependent. Please arrive at MajaEden 15 min before your appointment time to allow for travel and set-up.