Meah is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, herbalist, and meditation teacher who found her calling to heal others the authentic way - through healing herself first.

Meah has always been a true ‘flower child’ and spent most of her childhood playing and foraging in the woods while learning herbalism from her father. Through meditation and a reconnection with her love of nature, she uncovered the Divine truth inside herself.

Meah has a gift for recognizing pain in people and understanding the depth of the human experience. She is passionate about helping people access all the love and support around them on their healing journeys. She often receives intuitive messages from the spirit realm during a healing session and loves passing these along to encourage and inspire her clients.

MajaEden also outsources Reiki services to Beauport Hotel

Photo Credit: Cory Lee by Callisto & Co

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Photo Credit: Cory Lee by Callisto & Co
Photo Credit: Jonathan Rummel

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