You are your own healer

MAJA: the "goddess of springtime, warmth, and increase." In the Greek mythology, Maja is the oldest of the seven Pleiades and means "midwife" and "mother"

EDEN: Garden of Paradise. It is a place of exceptional happiness and delight. In paradise, there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Meah learned meditation through the Dhyana method but went on to create her own unique practice. She has also studied crystal healing, sound healing, and became certified as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. She is passionate about helping people access all the love and support around them on their healing journeys.


"Meah is a shining light. Incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive, she has the gift of being a direct conduit to your inner world. The distance Reiki sessions she offered were powerful with so many intuitive hits that I’m still processing / downloading. Thank you Meah!" - Lindsay Wiroll

"Meah is a rare combination of energy healer, spiritualist, realist, and intellectual. (And a business badass) I mention this because when I first met her I was just looking for energy healing, but she provided so much more. Her meditation guidance was incredible, and I'm a lifelong meditator. Meah conducted several reiki sessions and made me a believer. I'm not a big "Wu wu" guy, but she explained everything in a professional manner and helped me understand energy healing and I felt amazing after. Best part? She was able to cater to my complex schedule and perform healings remotely. Meah is one of those people you meet, and it is quickly obvious she deeply cares. If you can get a few minutes of her time, it's likely to be a life changer. It was for me!" - Justin Cross